An Honor and a Privilege – PART ONE

Aan de Oever Guest House recently enjoyed the company of two very special visitors.

We’d had an invitation to request Cathy Van Eeden from Swellendam Tourism, to come and photograph and do an information blog about our establishment. It was Cathy’s idea to personalise it, by focusing on the people who make it all happen. We were delighted and loved her idea. This blog gets shared on various social media platforms including our Greater Swellendam on Cape Trade Route Facebook Page. Cathy’s daughter, Fleur Van Eeden joined her and together, we enjoyed breakfast, pictures and laughs. Cathy loves what she does, she’s very professional, but calm, taking her time with our team, making sure they enjoy it too.

A little about Cathy’s background and family history …

Her parents moved to South Africa from Holland, she was born here and they originally lived in Cape Town, but when Cathy turned three years old they bought a little place in Malgas, this was their holiday house and they savoured every moment spent. Cathy went to school in Cape Town, her sport of choice was water skiing and she excelled, she received springbok colours in this and travelled all over SA competing. Her parents moved to Swellendam and Cathy, the same as them, fell in love, head over heels with the town and area, she started visiting her parents more and more and just could not stay away. She was working as a Veterinary nurse at the time, but decided to move to Swellendam, told her parents who were not too happy about this, but she didn’t want to be anywhere else!

This is where she wanted to be and to this day her passion for this town and place still remains.

Cathy’s love for the community runs deep and she spends a lot of time helping, taking part and is passionate about the people here. She’s a beautiful, loving and caring person and it’s wonderful to know her.

She has put a lot of time and effort into Cape Trade Route and it truly shows! We love all the posts, activities shared and generally more information about our area, the Grater Swellendam on Cape Trade Route, but also the exposure it’s all getting. She has helped put it on the map! One day is not enough …

We wish to thank her for her dedication, commitment and passion! Thank you Cathy xx

(Part two to come……Fleur Van Eeden, Cahty’s Daughter)

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