About Aan De Leisure Collection

Not just your regular stopover! Aan de Leisure Collection is, Accommodation Made Perfect!

Aan de Leisure prides itself on being a respected & progressive company. Everything we do is measured against the highest possible standard of ethical business conduct.
Our commitment to the highest standards helps us hire great people, build a great business, attracting loyal partners, staff and lifelong friendships.

Respect for our community, for each other and for the opportunities we create and work hard for, is the foundation to our success.

With our ongoing development, we are creating job opportunities, putting food on family tables and adding pride and passion in the people who work with us. Training and skill sets all add to the huge circle, cementing the success of our wonderful Swellendam.

We are proud to be part of an ever developing, respected, progressive company.

Today, Aan de Leisure Collection comprises, in Swellendam, Aan de Oever Guest House with thirteen bedrooms, Aan de Eike Guest House with eighteen bedrooms, Aan de Heuvel, a Self – Catering Cottage and at Battenberg’s, a few Self-Catering options.

Aan de Leisure Collection is growing from strength to strength.
Our future goals include further expansion in the hospitality industry while maintaining our high standards and quality service.

Meet our team …

Say Hi To Jane

Jane joined the team in June 2018.
She’s flamboyant to say the least, happy, full of fun and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Spending time with her family and friends with Witney Houston’s, I Wanna Dance with Somebody playing in the background, is always good. The only thing to make it better is a true Italian dinner, Pasta and more Pasta!

Fascinated by the USA, it’s one of her dreams to travel through America and see If it’s truly as portrayed in the movies.

Nothing makes her happier at work than double checking her neat and tidy rooms and knowing everything is perfect and ready for our guests to check in.

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