Take it to the Country – Swellendam Winter School

Aan de Leisure is proud to say that we are a part of the Swellendam Winter School. This is a new initiative created by our locals to attract as many visitors to our beautiful town as possible and it allows Swellendammers to show off its breath-taking scenery and wonderfully talented people. The SWS are offering […]

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Taking a Tourist Day

From Swellendam, it’s very easy to go to Cape Town for the day. It’s only 225km one way roughly, depending on where you’re going in Cape Town obviously. Whether you’re going to watch a movie, see a show, shopping, appointments or business, you can pick up take-out and be home in time for dinner right? […]

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Keeping the Balance

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein Here we go again, Another Day, Another Year, Another Challenge, Another Perfectly Great Opportunity For Another Start! With our ever growing company and speciality team, talented people to help lead the charge, we are reaching for the sky, there […]

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