Swellendam, a No. 1 Destination When Visiting South Africa! Part Two

Swellendam, a No. 1 Destination When Visiting South Africa! THE CAPE OVERBERG, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, Part Two     I left off in part one, with the trending term, “Swellendam Has It All”.  I mentioned before, that over the years, casual visitors have returned to settle. Some overseas tourists have bought a house here […]

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Be tempted, Come & Visit Swellendam, South Africa

One of the most memorable aspects of travel for me is food. I’m talking about the wonderful opportunity to taste all those different flavours, experience the textures and take in the colours from dishes all over, broaden your culinary horizon and celebrate the diversity. Cooking is one of my hobbies and a small pleasure, so […]

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Taking a Tourist Day

From Swellendam, it’s very easy to go to Cape Town for the day. It’s only 225km one way roughly, depending on where you’re going in Cape Town obviously. Whether you’re going to watch a movie, see a show, shopping, appointments or business, you can pick up take-out and be home in time for dinner right? […]

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