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Felix Unite Swellendam

Felix Unite River Adventure

Looking for outdoor fun and adventure? Breede River Trips is perfect for a family get together or even a celebration. Experience all kinds of fun water activities. Choose from a variety of packages ranging from river rafting leisure weekends to fun filled day trips.

Buffeljagsdam (Umshanti)

Buffeljags Dam – Umshanti

Umshanti is situated next to the Buffeljagsdam. Not only is it beautiful, but you can enjoy a variety of watersports. Book a cruise on a double decker barge for up to 30 people. You can braai, take a canoe trip to the waterfall, hike up the mountain, swim or just relax. Other activities include canoes for fishing, hiking or cycling along the river to mountain pools & waterfalls and of course some sightseeing.

ADO sign

Aan de Oever

Located on the banks of the Koornlands river, at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains, Aan de Oever welcomes you.

Eike Leisure Home Kitchen Front View

Aan de Eike

Situated on the main tourist road, close to the Drostdy museum, historic sites, shops, hiking and cycling routes.

View from Aan de Heuvel

Aan de Heuvel

Aan de Heuvel has three exquisite double en-suite cottages boasting stunning views of the Langeberg Mountains.