Discover Swellendam with Aan De Leisure Collection
ADE Solar

No more loadshedding blues

Keep connected & don’t miss a beat when the lights go out. At Aan de Leisure, you won’t be left in the dark.

With all the planning & expense that goes into a trip, the last thing you need to worry about is sitting in a dark room, hungry & with no Wi-Fi. Nightmare!

Aan de Leisure is committed to sustainable living and is proud to offer solar energy as a renewable energy option , ensuring no more loadshedding, and an uninterrupted power supply for our guests.

So whether you want to pop into our restaurant, watch some tv, send emails, take a hot shower or attend that important teams meeting, you carry on with your business – uninterrupted.

Aan de Eike Guesthouse and Aan de Heuvel Cottages is fully operational during loadshedding. Aan de Oever Guesthouse is up next and then the whole of Aan de Leisure will be loadshedding free. How exciting!

We look forward to your next visit, loadshedding free of course.

Send us an email at to book your stay.


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Aan de Oever

Located on the banks of the Koornlands river, at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains, Aan de Oever welcomes you.

Aan de Eike

Situated on the main tourist road, close to the Drostdy museum, historic sites, shops, hiking and cycling routes.

Aan de Heuvel

Aan de Heuvel has three exquisite double en-suite cottages boasting stunning views of the Langeberg Mountains.