Sulinas Fairy Sanctury

Sulinas Fairy Sanctuary

Sulina’s Fairy Sanctuary will make every child’s and even grown ups fairy tale dreams come to life. Founded in 1991, by Ian and Minky Sulin, now the garden is looked after by daughter Sera Hogben who puts all her energy into keeping all the fairy’s happy. It truly is a one of a kind experience and worth your while.

ADO sign

Aan de Oever

Located on the banks of the Koornlands river, at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains, Aan de Oever welcomes you.

Eike Leisure Home Kitchen Front View

Aan de Eike

Situated on the main tourist road, close to the Drostdy museum, historic sites, shops, hiking and cycling routes.

View from Aan de Heuvel

Aan de Heuvel

Aan de Heuvel has three exquisite double en-suite cottages boasting stunning views of the Langeberg Mountains.