Discover Swellendam with Aan De Leisure Collection

The Southern Most Tip Of Africa

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<li>About a 1 hour and 20 min drive from Swellendam.</li>
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<li>In a small village, L’Agulhas, you’ll find the southern most tip of Africa.</li>
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<li>Enjoy the beach, local homemade fish &amp; chips and take a moment to realize you are standing at the most southern tip in Africa.</li>
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Aan de Oever

Located on the banks of the Koornlands river, at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains, Aan de Oever welcomes you.

Aan de Eike

Situated on the main tourist road, close to the Drostdy museum, historic sites, shops, hiking and cycling routes.

Aan de Heuvel

Aan de Heuvel has three exquisite double en-suite cottages boasting stunning views of the Langeberg Mountains.